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Default Re: how to do Heel toe for biger feet

Originally Posted by djp132
Yes. I use Eliminators and Cobras and I get the same outcome. The point to be made here is that ANYONE can do this technique regardless of foot size or brand of pedal. Study this video and his others as I believe they are the best out there for demonstrating this technique, and understand the motions. Tim is the man, he knows what he's talking about.
Thanks for the props Derek.
I think beween yours and my clips drummers should have a better understanding about heel and toe.I always refer drummers to your clips as well..
Do you think my boots were BIG enough? LOL

I also started on other pedals I first tried heel toe probably by accident on a Ghost pedal or speed king I believe and then a drummer reintroduced the method to me in the early 80s and I was using the OLD grey pearl chain drive at the time.
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