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Originally Posted by Sticktrick
NAME: Thomas Lang: Creative Control
STAR RATING: # # # # #

Sure, Lang goes overboard on some sections, and, sure, part of the DVD is a thinly-veiled advert for a pedal, but the diamonds far outweigh the coal in this package.

Here's a couple of points from Creative Control that I found quite useful, but you're likely to miss them because he just tosses them at you very quickly.

1) Lean forward when you're playing, not back. That way everything is closer to your shoulders and you'll have less of a reach. The result, as I see it, is that you'll use smaller muscle groups which in turn will let you play faster with less effort. Leaning forward reduces arm motion and concentrates the work in your wrists and fingers.

2) When possible, practise multiple things at the same time. That means, for instance, when you're practicing double-strokes, move them around the kit and play them at different volumes. So you're practicing not only doubles, but also movement between drums and dynamics. Special this week only! Three-for-one practise deal!

I highly recommend this double-disc set.
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