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Originally Posted by metalheadeza666
That is not entirley true, Joey plays a very major role in the band, and is one of the major factors that the band are so poular, he doesn't just play the drums, he writes the majority of the material aswell. I'll agree with you to a certain extent that he is overatted a little, i personally think that Travis barker is way more overatted than Joey, i don't see the point in getting overely aggressive about defending my favourite drummer. (that's not implying that anyone else is btw)
Slipknot is not my style, he's dong better then me so cant be mad at him. He is in a popular mainstream band. And created an image for himself. I do know his double bass speed is not all him, he uses triggers to make himself look fast

I just think he's not as skilled as some other metal drummers (Danny Carey, Vinnie Paul for example)
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