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Hi there, I just joined this forum and felt compelled to post something up on the Vinnie Thread. And Guess what, I just love Weckl.

When I first heard him play (think it was the Akoustic band recording first), I loved what I thought was his fresh approach.

I am a particular fan of him playing with the GRP big band (and of course have the Weckl, Gadd & Colaiuta video - Buddy Rich Memorial tape 2).

I met Dave at Ronnie Scotts in London the other year. Nice guy, took a lot of time to have his pic taken. Am glad to say that I'm slightly taller than he is, but that's the only thing I've got on him ;-)

Seriously, I have lots of differnt recordings with him on. I particularly liked him with Michel Camillo.

he is simply a fabulous Drummer !

The thread seems to be getting into a deba te about technique. Technique to me is all about a means to an end. Technique can influence a playing style so people CAN say that "....his (or her) solo was a bit technical" - but maybe what they recognise if that drummer having good techique.

I know Weckl has been criticised in the past about his "technical approach" (note the quotation marks). So much so I actually felt compelled to write to the publication in his defense, and they actually printed it. To the unknowing Weckl may sound "technical", but I've been listening to him for years and just hear some of the most musical drumming I've ever heard.
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