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Hi there, I'm new to this long and frequently changing thread about Vinnie Colaiuta.

But to pick up the last point about not liking Vinnie, well that's fair enough. I remember once talking to a younger drummer about a tune Vinnie played on Eric Marienthal's CD: Crossroads. I think the track is called U"pside Down". I told the guy to listen to the solo and the phrasing etc, but also how it sits with the hi-hat rhythm being played throughout. Suffice to say he wasn't that interested. So I thought, we I liked it, he didn't.

So for me, Vinnie Colaiuta has always been a major inspiration. I'm certainly not frightened of what he does. You either love it or have to look away. Me - I want some of that ! I have Marc Atkinsons book "Unreel" and can do a lot of the stuff (am still working on the rest ! - long way to go yet). Te charts by the way are especially good.

Vinnie plays with fire on that track and also with great sensitivity on Joni Mitchell's "Two Grey Rooms" from Night Ride Home.

I suppose all the people he's played with can't be wrong. I've never met him and have heard through this thread that he might not be a fun guy. But maybe he is a nice guy, you never know. He seems to take his work very seriously and I have heard that he can be kind of "goofy", so maybe he is just one of those talented guys that doesn't realise how great he really is.

I also heard terrible things about Buddy Rich (one of my all time drumming faves) until I read something on his website by one of his writers who told a different side.

Anyway, I think Vinnie is as Neil Stubenhaus said on the Modern Drummer DVD, "the innovative drummer of our time". You either like his stuff or you don't. But I love him. I wish I could come up with som of the stuff he does. Phew.....
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