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Originally Posted by Smoky_McPot that Stadium Arcadium is out.... What is everyone's opinion of it?

Personally I loved it from 1st listen. I'm a big chilis fan - my whole band loves em. They write kick arse songs, and some of my favourite to play. I was dissapointed by By The Way but Stadium Arcadium has a much better feel to it. Yeah they are bringin some funk back, but thier soft stuff i reckon has much more feeling than By The Way.....Anyway I'm really liken it atm. Everyone else?
I completley agree, I like "By The Way" but it definetley was lacking something. This album is almost like a tribute to everything they have recorded. The funky songs are awesome and the mellow songs are beautiful and the rocks song, well they just rock! I think it's a great album.
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