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Personally, I think Tre' plays a very simple genre of music with a passion of purpose that amazes me. I never was a huge Green day fan until I spotted this guy giving the skins a working over. I had the priveledge of standing just behind him onstage, and watching a clinic in punk rock drumming. And for those of you who say you don't know if he could ever play anything but punk, trust me on this one..he certainly CAN..and with the same 'take no prisoners' attitude that makes his punk drumming such a joy to listen to! I heard him and Mike jamming backstage..this amazing JAZZ number..and I sat transfixed. This guy isn't just some insane version of Alex Van Halen on acid. He can truly PLAY those things he sits behind. True, he's VERY adrenaline fueled, but that is one aspect of his playing that I adore! he doesn't play the drums..he throws them a few body blocks. I love "Are We The Waiting" for the drum driven direction it goes into. Incredible. And I'm not a 14 year old infatuated fan, either. But when he used to play that minimalist kit from the Dookie days, and I hear what he got out of it, as opposed to someone who played those overblown kits of typical 80's bands, and what they got out of it, I was left staring in wonder, saying to myself."How did he get THAT out of those??" I've tried playing. I stink. But I respect Tre' for his unwavering attack on the ears of America. I welcome the next assult. As for his being endorsed, I've heard alot worse than him with endorsement contracts!! Tre' has an endorsement contract because he inspires people to want to be drummers in the first place. He (and Green day) have mass appeal. He's a manufacturers ..ahem..damp...dream.... I agree with the ones of you who love him for his quick hits and the mania that drives his drumming. Good Lord, he's fast, furious, and leaves me wanting so much more!! Bring it on again, Tre'!!! Can't wait for the next album and tour! I'll be right there again. Hopefully, in that ringside seat!!
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