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Originally Posted by Drumzealot
Manic Mechanic – Deguello (its just a paradiddle!)
Although the paradiddle is very prominent, it isn't the only groove used in the song. He also uses some shuffles and other funky grooves. Manic Mechanic is one of those songs which is very complex in it's simplicty. Each of the parts that make up the song are simple in and of themselves, but they way they are arranged and played is what makes the music. Most of ZZ Top's music is like that. For a ZZ Top song that features the paradiddle even more prominently check out Avalon Hideaway from the Tejas album.

Frank Beard is probably my personal favorite drummer. Like others have said, he isn't the most technical guy out there, but the man sure knows how to lay down some grooves, and really is the backbone of the band. Songs from the Eliminator album were the first drum parts I ever learned, and I still keep going back to ZZ Top's music for that simple complexity.

edit- Frank Beard also has used some of the coolest looking kits I've ever seen.

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