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Originally Posted by JoshRead
First, I also thought that his whole behavior and attire in that setting looked a bit silly. However, I tend to think that the sound they put out is more important then the look of the person putting out that sound. Now, I'm sure you believe that too; I'm not trying to say you don't. The thing is, that's just his personality and how he dresses. If he plays for Blink 182, he wears those clothes; not because he's playing with them, but because that's just how he dresses and looks. We shouldn't expect him to change how he always dresses because he's going into a setting where those people don't generally wear those sort of things or act that sort of way.

Maybe he was simply just getting into the song and his natural reaction is to headbang. Sounds kinda dumb, but you never know. Also, we don't know what he usually plays if he's just jamming himself, so we can't say his preferred play style is punk rock just because that's what the band he's in happens to play.

Anyway, no need to get off to a bad start on these forums, so I'll hush now hah.
Don't worry about getting off to a bad start, this is an interesting topic and it's better than just arguing over whether Travis "sux" or something of the sort - so let's get to it!

My normal attire is pretty scruffy. I hate clothes shopping, so I make do with stuff basically until it falls apart and I'm in danger of getting arrested for indecent exposure. But if I get a call to play at a primarily classical performance - which has happened before... well... I wear a decent suit. Ditto a jazz gig. If I get asked to play a metal gig then out come the old scratty Tool T-shirts etc. It's just the same for working. If I'm going into work at a fairly informal media company then I'll just wear pretty standard stuff (avoiding the scratty Tool T-shirts, of course), yet if I'm getting called to go somewhere where they have a dress code then I dress up. The reason for this is basically that dressing deliberately different from the people around you is a very loud shout for attention and generally speaking I'd rather demand attention through my work before my appearance. It's better to understate your appearance and overemphasise the quality of your work, generally, otherwise people tend to think you're a bit of a ("indecent piece of anatomy" - Ed).

You see my point? How I normally dress isn't an issue, because any out-of-place dress on a gig (be it a suit on a metal gig or a metal T-shirt on a jazz gig) immediately calls attention to the person wearing it. Ditto behavior. Now, that's cool if your role is to call attention to yourself - but that's a cross-applicable thing which also reflects on your playing. So if you're dressed like a maniac and playing like a maniac I don't see an issue with that - see Terry Bozzio on the Zappa "Baby Snakes" video. He's SUPPOSED to be taking a lot of the attention because he's a focal point in the band both musically and visually.

But then you have something like Travis Barker here. Now, either they hired him for freakshow reasons and they don't care if he plays like he does in Blink 182 as long as they can attract the "yoof" demographic, or they DO care how he fits into the band and they want him to be appropriate. I'd suggest that the differentiation isn't made between playing and appearance here, because they both reflect on the same thing in the performance: Is this person a focal point in terms of attention or not? Travis on this video just looks to me like he's trying to make up for the fact that his playing isn't a focal point of the music by looking and acting like he's on a completely different gig. That don't impress me much, so to speak...
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