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Originally Posted by finnhiggins
So what you're saying is that he had to be appropriate musically because his usual approach wouldn't fit the style, but he could be inappropriate in terms of his appearance and performance despite it absolutely not fitting the style? Why's that? Surely it's both or neither?

I'd agree that he would have to play simple in order to play country in that context, rather than his usual 16th-note-thrashing business. But I also think he should have at least attempted to fit the song in terms of his performance and attire, too - it's as much a part of the stage presentation as your playing is, and his stupid moshing just looked plain funny and out of place.

Any music is about communicating a feeling. Your playing should try to follow that - and Travis seems to have realised that. But if your appearance and behavior are directly contradictory to the feeling and emotion of the song as performed then you just end up undermining what the rest of the band is doing. It's as rude and immature as overplaying, IMHO.
First, I also thought that his whole behavior and attire in that setting looked a bit silly. However, I tend to think that the sound they put out is more important then the look of the person putting out that sound. Now, I'm sure you believe that too; I'm not trying to say you don't. The thing is, that's just his personality and how he dresses. If he plays for Blink 182, he wears those clothes; not because he's playing with them, but because that's just how he dresses and looks. We shouldn't expect him to change how he always dresses because he's going into a setting where those people don't generally wear those sort of things or act that sort of way.

Maybe he was simply just getting into the song and his natural reaction is to headbang. Sounds kinda dumb, but you never know. Also, we don't know what he usually plays if he's just jamming himself, so we can't say his preferred play style is punk rock just because that's what the band he's in happens to play.

Anyway, no need to get off to a bad start on these forums, so I'll hush now hah.

God bless!
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