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Default Re: Travis Barker playing country

Originally Posted by JoshRead
I was talking about his playing. He couldn't play anything other than what is very simple, because in country music, drums are not at all complex in most cases. As for his LOOKS, that's just how he dresses, and the people who asked him on knew that.
So what you're saying is that he had to be appropriate musically because his usual approach wouldn't fit the style, but he could be inappropriate in terms of his appearance and performance despite it absolutely not fitting the style? Why's that? Surely it's both or neither?

I'd agree that he would have to play simple in order to play country in that context, rather than his usual 16th-note-thrashing business. But I also think he should have at least attempted to fit the song in terms of his performance and attire, too - it's as much a part of the stage presentation as your playing is, and his stupid moshing just looked plain funny and out of place.

Any music is about communicating a feeling. Your playing should try to follow that - and Travis seems to have realised that. But if your appearance and behavior are directly contradictory to the feeling and emotion of the song as performed then you just end up undermining what the rest of the band is doing. It's as rude and immature as overplaying, IMHO.
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