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Originally Posted by Bonham to the moon
Dont get me wrong i do have mad respect for Peart, hes a very talented Drummer. I'm just not into RUSH, mainly because of Geddy Lee
I know this is an older thread but…
When I was 12 years old I could recite every lyric to every Rush song that existed. I could play most of the drums parts, most of the guitar parts and some of the bass parts. I LOVED Rush. But then I grew-up.
Personally, I agree with this and with Stu. I respect Peart and enjoy just about everything he does with Rush but find myself feeling bored with the total lack of spontaneity and “soul”. Plus the music over all, I loved it when I was an adolescent but out grew it in early high school when my interests shifted from chops and grandeur to groove, improvisation and taste.
And those lyrics…just a few days ago I put on Grace Under Pressure and had to laugh…

Memory banks unloading
Bytes break into bits
Unit One's in trouble and it's scared out of its wits

OMG…we MUST go help Unit One!!! Red Alter! Quick, Jones ready the rescue pod, Smitty prepare the rescue suits, Karzowsky, we’ll need three rescue blasters. This in NOT a drill. I repeat, this is NOT a drill.

Seems pretty cheez-ball to me.
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