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Originally Posted by largo61
Frank Beard never had a beard. He was always more of a mustache man. But it is immposible so hate Frank Beard. He is another Phil Rudd in the sense that they aren't really techniqul and don't do anything too fancy. But it always fits with the song perfect. I was going to go to ZZ Top at the Ohio State Fair but didn't have the money. I was soo dissabpointed.
He did have a beard a long time ago.

Some favorite FB grooves (song title, album) that I recommend checking out:
Just Got Paid – Rio Grand Mud
Whisky’n Mama – Rio Grand Mud
Precious and Grace – Tres Hombres
Back Door Medley - Fandango
Manic Mechanic – Deguello (its just a paradiddle!)
Ten Foot Pole – El Loco

None of this stuff is crazy-complicated but defenatley a few steps beyond the Phil Rudd comparisons (a adore Phil Rudd, btw)
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