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Default Re: triplets with Heel toe ??

Originally Posted by Knevildrummer
There seem to be two different "Heel-toe" methods.

One is the Gadd, Steve Smith "constant release " thing.

The other is the heel toe double stroke a la Chris Adler. Tim Waterson seems to do this when he's going for high-speed doubles.

Can anyone shed some more light on this? Are they really two different techniques or are they just variations of the same thing?
They are essentially two different techniques... but quite blendable. Personally I don't find much use for the Steve Smith method - although it's cool for single pedal setups. The double stroke method gives much more benefit IMO. Just as the double stroke for your hands makes for more speed than trying to turn that into a continual motion - the heel-toe double stroke for the feet produces more speed (when used with two pedals).
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