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Default Re: Dave Lombardo - Clinic @ Feedback (Full Video)

Originally Posted by Bernhard
Seems a bit complicated - and when I finally start downloading i receive the message:

At the moment overloaded - please upgrade to premium....

....bad fishing in troubled water.

So perhabs I put up a nice Lombardo-Video these next days

Anyway thank you Dyaxe

no problem. and yes i know, its not the best host, but its the best free file hosting service i could find. i think only 1 person can download one file at a time on the free version..which kind of bites. But anywaise, if anybody know's any other host, ill gladly reuploaded it there.

@Stone Cold
lol, yea, ill definetly agree theres a few weird people in the crowd, especially the guy who asks him about a t.v. show (sally, jesse raphael or somethin lmao...speakin of..)
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