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I would think Rational Gaze would be one of the easiest Meshuggah songs to write out on drums.

PS - For Meshuggah fans....

A re-mix of Meshuggah's NOTHING cd is going to re-release around August or September of this year. This re-mix sounds a lot better than the original, and bonus live footage from their last tour will be included also!

Fredrik Thordendal was the one to re-mix and re-master it. Should be interesting. And from what I hear, they're done re-mixing Nothing and are gearing up to write their next "new" cd.

*Meshuggah had to rush the mixing and mastering of Nothing because of Ozzfest in 2002, so this gave them the chance to re-mix and re-master the cd and re-release it with bonus live footage before they put out a new cd (which I guess will still be released in 2007). So be on the look out for this in the coming months!
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