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Originally Posted by finnhiggins
All of the Tool-related websites are like that. The one just has some guy called Blair ranting about ritual magic and his latest curry recipe for weeks at a time. But that said, about half of what they come out with does appear to be total bulls*** - go back to the Aenima interview circuit and read all the Adam Jones ones where he claims to have used some bizarre lady shaving device instead of an e-bow. Then go listen to the song, note that it sounds just like an e-bow. Then go look at the example song list provided when you buy an e-bow and notice that... hell... that song is on there!

Then also go read the thousands of man-hours of fans trying to find that very lady shaving device, with no success.

Then imagine Adam Jones laughing his head off...

Works for me.
when he recorded the song he used the shaving device, but has since switched to the e-bow for practical purporses, remember aenima was 1996, im not even sure ebows were around then (but i could be wrong bout that).
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