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Most of the arguments on this thread seem to be steeped in matters of taste. Not everybody is into fusion/prog/jazz/20 piece drum kits made from amazonian wood. Not everybody has been exposed to it. For a little kid who hasn't heard of Gadd or Cobham, seeing someone like Travis Barker could be life changing.

A lot of the bickering seems to be stemming from jealousy,albeit jealousy soaked up vicariously for your unrecognized drum idols. Let it go, dudes. Go practice or something.

Also,Travis may not be the best drummer in the world (wasn't he ranked 30th or something in an opinion poll?) but you can't argue that he isn't one of the least dorky drummers out there. Which is why people like him : he can hold his own, and he's pretty damn charismatic for drummer.
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