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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Hey Steve!
You never answered my questions on page 6! :)

On to the next topics.
I bet its a girl who got the gig. Are you allowed to reveal it and any chance of getting a taste of whats to come?
Please? :P
I would love to hear what Tommy would create if he hooked up with Zach DeLa Rocha (ex rage against the machine)
That would be killer.

Tommy is doing a festival here in august (august 11 to be exact), I was wondering if you were going to come down for it as well. I cant find ANY info on it (no speed limit festival) and would absolutely love to go.

Can you tell Tommy the little greek bonehead from montreal (head shave guy) is looking for the hook up? I'll bring the clippers again :)

Id love to get together and talk drums.

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