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Default Re: triplets with Heel toe ??

Originally Posted by Murderdolls172
I 've been have some difficulties with heel toe tring to get out triplets and differnet patterns for heel toe,(Heel Toe Method ).If theres any patterns or such for the heel toe that anybody knowswould really help. Thanks
What do you mean by triplets? The last two notes of sextuplets? (i.e. such as before a snare accent?)

For me, the "heel/toe" method is really Steve Smith's "constant release" technique. I really think it's different things for different people, and it depends on the size of your foot. For me, since I have long feet, it's dropping the heel with the leg (the heel doesn't actually make much contact with the board, but more of the plate at the end... so it's more of a "full foot" stroke) and then playing a heel up stroke with the toes.

You just have to experiment, but it's very important to start SLOWLY... and with the metronome. Once I started to get it, I realized that this is the most exciting thing ever for my feet. It adds so much of a solid and smooth quality to your playing to accent the first note of doubles, triple strokes and even longer phrases of notes.
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