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Originally Posted by syaoran05
being young and in highschool is never an excuse. never ever use that again. just say "my bad" next time. youre giving high school people like me a bad reputation.

i just dont get it. since when did being in highschool an excuse for being so immature.?

maybe its just me or highschool students nowadays are as immature as grade 4 kids?

oh and travis? he's just another pop drummer. nothing special. he does what he has to do. the only thing good about him that i'd like to see in other drummers is that he has good technique. other than that he's just another pop drummer.

"You're giving people like me a bad reputation" Oh please, get over yourself. Don't give yourself the mindset you are on some "level" above me.

Oh yeah, you know, Travis is just another drummer. He's only sold over 20 million albums, not including all the other bands he's recorded with (BCR, Transplants, Black Eyed Peas, etc).
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