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Originally Posted by tambian89
If he uses the ride on those songs, ok, but he uses it too sparingly, and most of his drumming is crash and hihats.

Originally Posted by syaoran05
i think the ride issue has stopped now?

i think no one should criticize lars for rarely playing the ride. its not his fault he doesnt. metallica music does not require much riding anyway. just like franz ferdinand doesnt need a ride.

and i think what's good about lars [and perhaps the only good thing] is that he plays what is needed, and does not play what is not needed. hence if ride no need then no ride it is. and i think that's one of the better lessons in music. dont overplay.
there isnt anything wrong if someone doesnt use a ride. "too sparingly" in drumming doesnt exist. tambian89 let's see you play every cymbal on bozzios kit and make sure that each cymbal isnt played "too sparingly". a ride isnt required to be played. like i said, franz ferdinand doesnt need one so they dont use one. look back at the very old jazz days. they dont even use the ride for timekeeping yet. its all bass and snare then an occasional crash. hi hats weren't even invented yet. now let's see you travel back through time and say "they use the ride too sparingly and its all bass and snare, and they dont even own hi hats!".

so yeah again, lars plays what is needed, and he doesnt play what isnt needed, or what he cant.
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