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Originally Posted by DWdrummer

there is a reason travis gets paid to play drums every day and you are sitting in front of a computer typing away and bashing on him and his fans.

it just doesn't make sense... he is a can you critique?

him playing that country beat was excellent..... perfect volume..
And where would we be without critique? I'm allowed to say that I didn't enjoy his performance. He didn't hit the ending of songs, his feel was sloppy, he looked completely out of place and his timing was way off. Didn't compliment the songs at all. I'm not bashing on you at all, I'm merely making a point that I didn't enjoy his performance. Just because I don't worship him doesn't mean I can't say what I'd like to say about him. Perhaps you should watch the video again through the eyes of a 'non worshipper' and you'll understand.

If you read the whole thread, you'll find that I have no issues with Travis personally. What I do have issues with are legions of fans blinded with the 'Travis is God' mindset.

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