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Default Re: Travis Barker playing country

these posts make me sick.

this is what I have learned after reading these rediculous posts now it is wrong to feel the music can't make any other gestures besides playing music like a statue

That is why Travis is such an idol to so many drummers today. He is doing something different than a lot of people. Most of you are just afraid of change. But of course who is going to listen to me. He reminds me of Buddy Rich in his expressions (but of course Buddy Rich and Ed Shaughnessey (spelling error, I know) smiled more...) I'm not saying they have similar motions but they both FEEL the music...

Travis is great at drumming.

Here are some other facts to take in

1. Travis Barker is not Steve Gadd
2. Just because he is not Steve Gadd, doesn't mean he's not great/good whatever.
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