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Originally Posted by HardRockDrummer
shall i bother checking out his recent recordings like Backstreet Boys and Pussycat Dolls? i really hate artificial pop bands, but do you think it's worth getting just for Vinnie Colaiuta? or does he never do the good stuff on pop albums?

I'm planning on gettin Joe's Garage soon. are there any good albums you could recommend with Vinnie on it? (I might be seeing Jeff Beck soon just to see Vinnie)
Thats not of importance. Vinnie is payed to play what the producer wants him to play. Yes hes fantastically talented but hes paid to play whatever suits those songs. The producer wants to sell as many records as he can. He cannot do that with say one of Vinnie's 7:8 time signatures which u can't dance to. things are simple with Pop and Dance acts because people need to be able to dance to them. Thats why most things are based in 4:4 because you can dance to the simple 1-2-3-4 rhythm.

Check out Vinnie's Solo albums for pure drumming talent as well as all his drum solo videos on

He is still by far the best, most diverse and most rhythmically complex drummer on the planet!
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