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this is always a debate that cmes up on drumming forums eventually. and the real question is: what is a good or great drummer?

for myself i define it as follows:

good drummers:
-play for the song whether it is simple or complex.
-hold a good groove down and keep the beat.
-select tasteful fills, intros and endings.
-have a balanced amount of impressive flash and workday rhythm
there are many thousands of good drummers. it is actually quite easy to be a good drummer. i am certainly one.

great drummers:
- first of all are all the characteristcs of good drummers
-they innovate new techniques or combine old principles in novel ways
-they find an unusual way to play for a song that still works perfectly but tdoes not detract or distract the song.
-they are exceptionally flashy when they need to be. almost inuman in speed or agility.
-they teach and help the art of percussion grow
-very often they are temporaly located (i e they are great because of what they did WHEN they did it...other better drummers have come along and taken their ideas forward but they are great because they came up with the idea in the first place)

in terms of all this tre cool is a good drummer (very good in my opinion) but ringo is a great drummer because he fits more into this categorisation above.

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