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Originally Posted by stevefty
I know this isn't about Chad Smith. But Have you guys ever listened to whole chili pepperes album? He can and does match Travis' speed. I actually think that Travis' drumming on the self titled album is great. It's technical and I love how creative he gets with beats and fills but Cahd Smith may not show off as much but he can still play insanley fast solid drum fills.

i really enjoyed hs drumming on the untitled cd aswell...its very creative and teastful... lots of cool fills and sounds.. he used lots of different drums to get those cool sounds.. i really love the drums on track 10 "always"

and PS: can we not turn this thread into a ontopic disscussion of Travis... 90% of this thread is people bashing him and then his fans supporting him.. this seems a little off topic and redundant.. can we not just talk about Travis's drumming in a more ontopic manner and not just "he sucks" "hes the best" spam. for example disscussing his sound, technique, stage presence... what ever..

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