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yea i wouldnt go as far as to say that chad smith cant go as fast at barker... who knows, im sure he has amazing chops too....but i do understand what you mean when you say you enjoy just a good ole barker style beat as do i... but i also enjoy and creative and catchy beat.. like alot of steve Gadds work i adore b/c its so catchy and different..

has anyone ever taken the time to read an interveiw with Travis Barker...? obviously i have since i am a big fan, but its intresting because he talks about growing up adoring all these same people like: Steve Gadd, Chambers, Cobham, Copeland, Ginger Baker, John Bonham, Keith moon and others. he talks of his drum teachers making him play Cobham stuff instead of Van Halen that he wanted to play.. the only reason i say this is because alot of his fans do make themselves appear ignorant b/c of what they say about him "beign the best ever", and if you asked the man himself what he though hed probably be so increadably humble, and just start talkin about his personal idols rather than his success... so maybe his huge fans should actually take some time and see where Travis Barker found his motivation and check that out too.. and maybe youll get some respect from the other people on here that think your ignorant and just infactualed...

i personally dont think your ignorant just a little unexposed... as i stated im probably one of the biggest fans if not the biggest fan of Barker on this forum, but i know there are better players... he can still be your favorite, just explore other pioneers before making claims.
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