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Originally Posted by RossB15
i think too many people judge travis on his drum solos which he did with blink, however if you listen to some of his grooves in blinks songs they are amazing. others say ah hes just good in his music type, he can also play hip-hop and jazz and also marching drums preety gd too. plus some people have made out speed to be just something that dont matter, ' ah hes just fast' well that makes him goof then doesnt it! you would see guys like chad smith ever go that fast because they cant, im not saying that fast is everything but it is a skill to be admired. Travis has influenced me so much just beacuse i like what he does, ive listened to other drummers such as steve gadd etc and they dont do the same for me as a good punk rock beat does.

Um wow where do I start? I know this is all your opinion but come on kid. You sound so ignorant when you say "you wouldn't see guys like chad smith ever go that fast because they cant" Do you know what you're talking about here. In so many more ways Chad Smith has Barker beat in so many aspects of drumming. If you're gonna talk about styles of playing chad plays funk, punk, country, and he probably can play marching. You have to be opened minded. Anybody can be fast. If i worked on it every day I could get as fast as Travis. And if i do, what do i accomplish? nothing. And you're saying steve gadd doesnt do the same for you like a good punk beat does? I think youll mature over time and this will change and youll appreaciate the pioneers in the drumming world. But hey, its your opinion
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