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Originally Posted by OZjazzer
Great to see you still chatting with us Alex. I guess Gregg's Danish is about as good as mine (=) which means I too am having no luck finding the DVD 'Between a Smile and a Tear' or any CD's of Lisa singing in a more jazz-like setting (I do however have a crush on the track 'Min Man' from the album 'Små Rum' which has many nice tracks but of course I have no idea what she is singing about).
Hey OZjazzer and Jazzgregg - and anyone else who could be interested.

I just did a little research myself and I think you may be able to order (in English) the DVD from one of these online stores:

There doesn't seem to be an English description of the film on those sites though BUT I found an article on AllAboutJazz where you can see what it's all about - and if it's something for you -
You already know that I, and everybody I know who has seen it, think that it's an excellent documentary - very funny, touching and charming whether you are into jazz or not. The CD seems to be included when you buy the DVD.

Sooooooo with a bit of luck you should be able to order it. Let me know how it goes!

In fact I'll be seeing Lisa Nilsson, Niels Lan Doky and Didier Lockwood tomorrow and the next 3 days since we are doing a concert at the Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen this weekend - with the Tivoli Symphony Orchestra. That should be fun! (Next week I'll be rehearsing/playing with Pat Metheny ... that should be fun too!!!!!!!)

I agree with you that Lisa's work in the pop world is excellent as well (although I'm not familiar with all of it). Oh and I should help you out with this OZjazzer: "Min Man" means "My Man" and "Små Rum" means "Little Rooms"!!
Reminds me that there's a track on the CD/DVD called "Säg det igen" (meaning "Say it again") which is a ballad that I'm sure will blow you away even though it's in Swedish!!!! It's so unbelievably beautiful sung by Lisa. Same goes for another ballad she sings on a Niels-Henning Orsted Pedersen cd called "Those Who Were" .. it's the title track in fact. A wonderful version of a heartbreakingly beautiful tune in my opinion!

Guess I'm an old romantic eh!?

Anyway, good luck with the project. If it still doesn't work out for you feel free to pm me your addresses and I'll could perhaps find it for you over here and send it to you.

Thanks for your interests, guys!

Best wishes
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