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The One Handed Drum Roll
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Well put together, instructive, but nothing you can't find elsewhere.
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Those looking for something new for drumming.
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Railroad Media
This video is very nice, although there are quite a few flaws in it. It starts you right off withhim explaining how to hold the drumsticks and how to position yourself in relation to the pad. He then spends a whole 1 minute teaching how to do the one handed drum roll. This was not enough, I've been at it and still can't quite get it as well as he can. He should have spent more time teaching and developing the one handed drum roll with you. Instead he (by the way when i say he i mean Jared Falk) goes right into warmups, quite fast too. He teaches well though. Buy this if you are ready to work. Also you can find the technique at drummerworld's drum clinic link, it is the same thing. It has helped me though.

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