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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by ewanlaing
i think you're both right to some extent. there are definately players out there today, who could play buddy's solos just as well as he did, though not many.
but of course, it seems like no-one could in the day, and he started a lot of trends and made some great contributions to drumming and music as a whole.
i think the reason we love him so much is that there never was anyone quite like him before, and no-one has ever left a mark like his since.
Yes, maybe. But still there's a huge, and i mean, HUGE difference between trying for days to copy what he did and CREATE what he did the way he usually created so much amazing solos like he usually played out of nowhere. Completely spontaneously. Oh God, how there is! (a difference). And that's exactly where/when Mr. Buddy Rich becomes the best drummer this face of the world has ever known. :)

What i'm trying to say is that, before everything, he had an absolutely brilliant percussive mind. His best qualities are the way he brilliantly thinked, fast as hell (and hell.. how well!...) those spontaneous solos and had the nature-given gift of having the physical possibilies of performing them. Performing whatever would come from his absolutely insane kind of mind (and i, definitely, dig this rapid genius mind i lot. I like it a lot, and try to perform things like those for other purposes in my life).
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