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He's just so pleasant to listent to. Every sound he gets out of every drum and system... it just feels good just to listen to. But, he never really lets go and just goes nuts. I'm impressed by what he can play, but he doesn't drive it home emotionally for me a lot of the time, like, for instance, Brian Blade, who made literally cry when I saw him live. It's groovy as hell though (Dave). I still listen to him, actually, more and more lately, and I love it, and some of his fills are GENIOUS! I guess I just wish he would go nuts sometimes...

I disagree wholeheartedly...people do not put him down because they can't play like him. It's probably because they don't feel what he's playing. It's pretty simple. That's subjective and personal, but is the most important from a subjective listening standpoint as far as I'm concerned. It depends on what kind of drum playing fits you're personality and appeals to you emotionally. Obviously, Dave's playing doesn't appeal to certain people emotionally, including me in some respects, but I still respect the bejesus out of him for his ability to the drums.
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