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Originally Posted by drumma
I'm with you man, people put him down because they can't play as well as him.
Yeah, just like all those jealous musicians who put down the Spice Girls and Brittney Spears because they're more successful!

Seriously, do you people actually think about your arguments before you post them? Surely if somebody was going to be jealous of Weckl because he's better than them they'd also be jealous of everybody else listed on DW? Unless you're suggesting that this jealousy is restricted to people who're better than, say, Max Roach and Joey Baron but not as good as Dave Weckl, which is even more silly.

I can't play as well as Joey Baron or Matt Chamberlain - or Max Roach - but you'll never see me doing anything other than singing their praises because I like what they do. I don't like Weckl's playing because it bores me stiff. If I had to pick the most boring gigs I've ever been to they'd probably be:

a) some Japanese avant-garde guitarist whose name I forget at the moment who played one note for 30 minutes straight; and
b) the Dave Weckl band at Ronnie Scott's in London.

So if I fail to aspire to play like Weckl it's not because he's better than me and I'm envious, it's just because I find everything he does rather dull and uninspired. You see?
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