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Default Re: The Reverend

Here is my opinion. I read everysingle post on this thread and it all comes down to what music you listen to. I doubt that a fusion drummer would appreciate the revs drumming, but a metal head would greatly appreciate his apptitude of drumming. I personaly think he is a fantastic drummer, whos main focus seems not to be to beat up a drum set but to keep good time, which he does quite well. This is why I appreciate him. Think of bands like zztop whos drummer kept time like a solid metronome, was he critisised because he didn't play like peart. I think that some people in this thread don't like the rev purely because he dosn't do incredible fills for nearly the song like most metal drummers do.
I can also appreciate A7X for the fact that they can all play their instruement well. That's why rush is so amazing, because they can all play the instruement they play above the norm.

If you do not like the rev though, please back up why with an ansewer other than he isn't as a good as lombardo or kolialas,ect...
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