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Default Re: Dave King from The Bad Plus

I'm lucky enough to live in Minneapolis (Dave lives in the Twin Cities area) where, if he isn't out of the country touring, he's playing live with one of his many bands (Happy Apple, F-K-G, Halloween Alaska, Love-Cars, Electric Bill, and some others I probably don't know about). His gig schedule is unbeliveable.

For those of you in NYC you have 6 chances to see him with The Bad Plus when they play SIX nights at The Village Vanguard, September 20-25. All 3 of these guys are accomplished musicians with incredible imagination and the chops to execute. And all extremely nice guys.

I'll chime in here with a "me-too" on wanting to see Dave have a page on this great website. Some links for Bernhard:

Originally Posted by BaDrum21
The Bad Plus is one of my favorite bands. I've been wanting to drum along to "Flim" for a long time now, but its so hard to do exactly becuase theres no single beat repeated. So I've started transcribing it, and its taking soooo long, but im up to about 2:30. Good stuff.
Not too long ago I read an article on line where Ethan Iverson (Piano) said that Dave's drum part in Flim is improvised (and different) every time. I'm always fascinated by his drumming on this tune everytime I see him. Listening to the original Aphex Twin version for the first time (after seeing him play it for a couple years) I was flabbergasted by his interpretation (which on the original track is a drum machine with a definite "beat-box" kind of feel)

I'm looking forward to their 3 night stand at the end of the year here at The Dakota.

Thanks again Bernhard for all you do!

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