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Originally Posted by Plook
I remeber back to when Motley Crue came through in June of 1990. The thing everything was talking about was the upside down drumming. How many regular people do you know come back from a concert and talk about the drum solo? That was the only time I remember plus the huge percentage of people that brought it up was amazing. He deserves some credit for that. Yeah he isn't the most technical but when it comes to rock, he seems to get his point across.
I have a video of Buddy Rich that did the inverted kit playing (simple riser with cables) and toasted Tommy Lee's solo. Toomy's rig looked cooler. He said it was a nightmare, and that a "Drum solo is such a waste of notes."

Listening to some of Motley Crue's stuff, Tommy sounds like he has kind of a disco-rock beat on a lot of tunes. He fit that band though.
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