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Originally Posted by Bernhard
If somebody chose to buy a big BassDrum - put the Set down at the staircase and practise on triplets including Bass-Drum......I think this are good ideas.

But if someone starts heavy drinking for achieving Bonham-Drum-Level, it's for sure the wrong way.

I think, it's a tragedy how this ended up. With alcohol every playing becomes bad without exception. Even John.

I was in high school. We were actually studying current events and then the bad news flashed across CBS news. Bonzo had died. It was utter shock and disbelief. I mean, I wasn't really a Beatles maniac, nor a Nirvana fanatic so when John Lennon was killed and Kurt Cobain killed himself, it didn't have that much affect on me.

But when self indulgence silenced the hammer of the Gods, I knew Zep would never be the same. It was a crushing blow to lose such an influence. He's probably up there playing some golden Ludwigs right now. That would explain thunderstorms....
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