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Default Re: The Grand Master Buddy Rich

Originally Posted by BrynnerAgassi
Buddy Rich, great drummer... for his time... He was the original, he was the "it" man and could entertain while drumming and etc. No one saw this before and thats why he has so much respect. AND he is a legend, BUT to say he had more speed than some of the players today.... NOOOOO WAYYY. look at Derrick Roody, i think i spelled that wrong, but anyways double bass speed... THAT guy is unreal.... Look at JoJo, look at Chambers.... Buddy Rich was the originator, but the story goes on, one man started it and now drummers are taking over what he did.
I am just waiting for another ten years to come around and see the quality of drummers in the future!
Wrong. Plain wrong assertment. Derrick Roddy faster than Buddy Rich? "Yeah", "you're right". He does use a double bass. But that's it. no chances hands-wise. Sorry! : /

As a whole, as a "magic", his (Buddy's) performances are still the most memorable ones for the ones who've had the oportunity to witness him. The bad ass thing about Buddy is that nature is only that gift-giving once in a century. There's always one, and only-one guy who happens to have gained, all at once, speed, dexterity, immense spontaneous creativity, showmanship, exceptional rthythm senses and an interesting/charismatic personality all into just one "ordinary" guy from NY city. And when you do the maths and watch (and listen to...) all Buddy's videos available through the net and have a real good sense of justice, there's no way you can deny it all.

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