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i agree. it was the times they lived in. robert plant himself says of himself in those days: 'i had so much nose candy...'

certain drugs make you think you are a gid and when you are in a huge bad with people worshipping you the result is unsurprising.

queen were having their legendary after tour parties in these days and yes there were things like zappa and jim morrison. the 70s were great and dangerous.

and i do like plants after zep stuff but it hardly compares to the chemistry that came before. and jimi, well jimmi wasted himself for many years and then started comming back. and JPJ? he carried on composing.

i wish bonzo was still alive. i wish bob marley was alive to. and many others. freddy mercury? the miracle is that they lived at all.


PS: i just wish bonzo had made an instruction DVD.

PPS: what are we all doing on september the 25th. it will be the anniversarry of his death. 25 years without bonzo. i think they should do a 'burning for bonzo' concert with steve, dave, chad, phil and co playing zep songs on an orange vistalite. that would be cool. actually i rather fancy that our rather popular DW founder could phone some contacts and get hudson music to organise it. come on berhard, what do you say?

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