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for reference: this is only the US sales. 61 million more records outdo the Beatles.
the beatles sold far more records than other artists overall. however i do think led zeppelin were the best band to ever exist. Robert Plant's ego? who cares. he's an amazing singer \. i've got his solo album and it sounds very good imho. as for jimmy page, well... i know his solos were about 20 mins each, but he's a guitar guru that influenced a million other guitarists, much like ringo's drum influences.
on JPJ's website there's a video of him playing a triple-neck guitar! very cool. be sure to check it out.

if he was still alive today we would no doubt think he's the greatest drummer ever to live. imagine led zeppelin if they were still around. i'm quite sure they wouldn't be like the rolling stones...

"they were self indulgent maniacs lets not beat around the bush"- i agree to some extent. However, there were bigger self-indulgent maniacs called Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention.
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