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Anybody still got a New kids on the block poster? Grew out of it? Thought so. Anyone practice drum licks from the Jackson 5 or the Bee Gees to hone your grooves and challenge yourself to the nth degree?
great post.

look i love zepellin. they were self indulgent maniacs lets not beat around the bush. their album sales were as large as plant's ego (which is measured in light years) and their legact will certainly last as long as a jimi page violin bow solo seemed. i have the original LZ video and it was horrible, fantasy sequences and mostly shots of plants bleach stained crotch even during moby dick we first had to follow the two ballon heads offf the stage.
the fact is that they were a band perfectly fitting to their time and as serious studio song writers they were superb. john paul jones in no small way reigned in a lot of the weird stuff and he and bonzo are the two guys i really listen to. just look at the results once the band split up. once the two johns were out the music just sucked.
i love LZ and it is still incredible to me that for 15 years now i have listened to the almost daily with out growing tired. no other band can lay that claim so in effect they are also a band for all time.
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