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i dont dislike Tre at all, but hes not my fav by any means, i think like alot of others said that he fits in well with Green Day and plays solid punk rock music.. i will grant him the fact that i have listened to some tracks off of the many greenday albums i have and without a doubt there are a few licks he'll throw in once in a while that will really catch my attention b/c of the speed, or how damn good they sounded... hes a good drummer, not the best, but good enough for Green Day and so whats the harm?

p.s. he does lack a little variety in his playing.. that is one the of the complaints i have against him.. alot of his stuff sounds the same track for track, and he has this one really common fill he throws down all the time.. its just a slow snare roll.. and he over uses it... but yea that's my gripe with him.. but like i said up top sometimes hes capable of good stuff.

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