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Originally Posted by bigbang
thinshells ....first don't bash ringo... lol.. second the beatles far outsold zepplin until they broke up..remember the beatles were very much mainstream at that time, popular with kids and adults (and even charles manson)Zepplin was still on the climb then and bands like the beatles , stones, clapton, the who,embraced them and took them under their wings and brought them to the mainstream...wayne
I missed the part where I bashed Ringo. That must be an in-joke somewhere.

Look at the year by year growth in Zep record sales. They took off in a few short years. They did outsell the beatles for a while (that is a lot of records) had multiple records on the charts at once, and have been listen in the Guiness book of records as largest attendence.

Now, the other stuff is just anti-Zep bashing for the sake of trying to downplay thier significance. As of 1975, Zep were legends. Anyone who knows Zep knows Bonzo died by drinking himself to death in 1980, but that has nothing to do with the fact they have a huge catalog of rock classics and they are beloved worldwide. I say this and I am not a rabid fan, but I am realistic about it. I remember "disco sucks" and there is no way I'd listen to that instead of Zep. For that matter, pure dance music and love ballards always outsells everything else on a consistant basis.

Anybody still got a New kids on the block poster? Grew out of it? Thought so. Anyone practice drum licks from the Jackson 5 or the Bee Gees to hone your grooves and challenge yourself to the nth degree?

This is getting close to nothing more than a zep bashing thread by a few individuals.
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