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Default Re: Avenged Sevenfold - The Rev

Originally Posted by Jake_White
Anyone know where I can find any profile or something on the net?
Like a set up pic, info on what he uses (cymbals, sticks, kit) etc etc.

I can't seem to find anything...?

He uses DW, Promark, Sabian, and Evans. On Sounding The 7th Trumpet he used some blue drumset but i'm not sure what it was. On Waking The Fallen he used a red/black fade DW kit with zildjian cymbals which is my favorite one. And then he had an even different one which i've only seen in the video for Burn It Down but now he uses a Charcoal fade double bass DW kit which I don't like as much but hey it's a nice kit. Plus he uses some Pork Pie..I think he uses a Pork Pie kit in the studio but not sure.
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