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Default Re: Travis Barker set up?

There is no special way for setting up drums to the music you play! Position everything so it is easy to reach the, angles are comfortable, and your body is in a relaxed position while playing.

Check out Dave Weckl's Natural Evolution DVD, really cool stuff about setting up drumset!

The idea is basically that you start with a bass drum, snare drum and throne.
The throne height should be that high so when you are rimshoting on the snare drum and playing bass drum, you aren't hitting your legs, also the angle of your legs should be about 110-120 Find the comfortable position and add hi-hat, now close your eyes and try to ''air drum'' in the place where your hands stop you have to position it, the same about toms, cymbals etc

Forget about copying other drummers set up, you are one and unique! Don't try to be number 2 anybody, just be number 1 you

my new d'n'b set-up!
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