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real name- Eric
age- 16
how long been playing- roughly 6 years
origin of user name- Long, somewhat boring, story
top 5 drummers- (changes constantly)
- Steve Smith
- Steve Gadd
- David Garibaldi
- Stanton Moore
- Billy Cobham
make of drumkit- Tama
make of cymbal- Zildjian and Wuhan
where do you practice- Basement
are you in a band/s- I was but not right now. Lately I've been doing some jazz sessions with friends though.
Originals- Originals, baby.
what style of music- Jazz, Funk, some rock, Spanish, Fusion, etc.
Favorite take out food- Cheesteak, generally from Philly (I live close-by).
Country- America
One really odd fact about yourself- I composed a piece in my Music class designed entirely for practice pads.
how did you start drumming- I always wanted to and then, in elementary school, there were drum try-outs and I made it in. I've been drumming ever since.
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