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I was expecting a lot about Tool's new release, but surprisingly even after many daily listening it didn't catch me at all like any of their previous. I felt like they've lost a little bit of their uniqueness and their musical identity. It's very much more heavy music oriented than their previous albums. They give up some powerful riff, but on CD these rocking song didn't do it for me. But live, they sounded awesome and it really moved me (and they were pretty refreshing after standing and waiting during hours, enduring Korn or Dir En Grey). Anyway seeing Tool live is a real experience, hearing and seing Danny Carey playing his heavenly sounding drums and polyrythms makes you realise that the guy is the real generator of the band. They've ended the show by my favourite drug, Aenima.........there's something so dark about this song I just can't get enough of it. And Maynard says some pretty funny things and is a great showman. These guys are real musicians and I don't believe they are these kind of satanistic artist that they want to make us believe they are. But there must have been some DMT, a bit of new-age and scientific interest around them, anyway who cares their music is great.
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