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real name: Joćo Santiago

age: 22

how long been playing: I'd say, maybe 5 years, but the first two were ocasionally at weekends doing the simplest groove around, so 3 is more accurate

origin of user name: It was the name of a funky house artist, I liked it, and stole it :p

top 5 drummers: Dave Weckl, Steve Gadd, Carter Beauford, Steve Smith, Peter Ernskine

make of drumkit: Century (yes, century, planning on changing this summer), and yamaha (electronic)

make of cymbal: Sabian

where do you practice: Room and some times garage

are you in a band/s: "The Profane Joy of Music"... When I started it was too late too change the name. I state here, I don't like it... Do like the music though :D

covers or originals: originals

what style of music: the more the merrier, but I can name funk, jazz, fusion, samba being the main thing

favourite take out food: Pizza

country: Portugal

one really odd fact about yourself: I can spend the whole day before an exam playing drums (not knowing anything for the exam)... but I guess this isn't that odd...

how did you start drumming: When my 44 (at the time) year old dad decided to reunite his old band
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