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Originally Posted by bigbang
sorry guys but i've held back long enough : don't get me wrong i love jb as much as the next person but the truth must come out 1) led zepplin was totally hated by the critics thru most of their career and the record buying community(remember i'm 43 years old so i have some memory left that the scotch wiskey did'nt kill)2) the most popular bands at the time where deep purple ,alice cooper ,black sabbath, sweet , the osmonds (ahhhh) , jackson 5 , grand funk ,sly stone, etc... remember i'm not putting them down.3) it really was'nt till the advent of f.m. radio and the classic rock format that things started happening for them (by this time jb had passed. sidenote : kiss was the most popular band in the world by then.Carmine appiece(i think i spelled his name wrong)was considered the far better drummer at the time.led zepplin was considered underground hippie music then and only appreciated by the sub culture.And we all know the story of jimmy page being the biggest thief of american black music. sorry to piss anybody off but that's the way it was in the 70's.....wayne
I think you did kill some brain cells.
Led zeppelin outsold the Beatles for a number of years. How in the hell were they hated by the record buying public with huge record sales and world-record setting arena attendence???

And most critics are talentless hacks with an axe to grind and poor taste. If we went by thier opinions, all rock bands suck.

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